Heading into the second portion of my growth plan, I can now reflect on my experience with learning my first song and use it to improve on the learning of my second song. I felt that learning Pumped Up Kicks was above my skill level and I went through many ups and downs while learning how to play it. Having no musical background and having never played the guitar, I found it difficult to play to the allegro tempo of the song and switch between chords successfully. There were a few chords in Pumped up Kicks that were more difficult for me than others. For example, when switching from chords G to D I had a very hard time. I felt that because Pumped Up Kicks was above my capability, I wanted my next song to be one I can confidently play and master. So with this, I decided to modify my growth plan and change my song to the popular and well-loved, Stand By Me by Ben E. King. This song has a new strumming pattern and addition of the new chord C. The rest of the chords are the same as Pumped Up Kicks which is nice because it provides me with the opportunity to continue working on the chords I have difficulty with. This time instead of switching from G to D, I will be going from D to G. I still find myself struggling with the G chord switch, my fingers just can’t seem to make sense of it. Antia gave me some good advice when switching from the G chord and that was to lead with my ring finger, something I try to tell myself this every time I play. As I become more confident in playing this song, I feel more confident in teaching it to others like my brother and classmates. I was working with Kaylyn in our last practice class and I found that teaching her helped me realize I had the chords memorized, an exciting step in my progress. I look forward to seeing more of my growth throughout learning this song!