Dreams are something that I have always been super fascinated by. So, I have decided to learn more about dreams, how they occur and why we have them.

Dreams are a commonality amongst all humans. When we fall asleep, whether we remember or not, we have experienced a dream or sometimes a nightmare. Dreams are an intriguing and mysterious part of our sleeping lives and the experiences they carry are widely varied. Depending on dream, it might leave you terrified, thrilled, sad or happy. Sometimes there are dreams where you recognize certain experiences from your daily life, like people, places or events. While other times, dreams take you on unknown adventures with unrecognizable experiences.

So how do dreams occur?

While we can dream in any of our four sleep stages, usually our deep dreams occur in the REM sleep stage. During this stage of sleep, the brain is highly active! On average, a person may spend two hours dreaming and have roughly two to six dreams a night. It is said that dreams can last anywhere between 5 and 25 minutes a dream, which could be part of the reason your dreams often go unremembered or lost moments after waking up.

So why do we dream?

Scientists have been studying humans and dreaming for quite some time and have yet to find steady information on why it is we dream. However, there are some things they do believe and that includes:

  • dreams are a continuation of our consciousness
  • dreams help facilitate our creative tendencies
  • dreams aid in memory
  • dreams look at potential psychological issue
  • dream to keep our brains working

These are just some of the many explored ideas about why it is we dream. And as you can see, dreams are such a dynamic and complex part of our everyday life. If you are interested in learning more information about why we dream this Youtube clip is an extremely insightful explanation of dreams!

(source: https://www.healthline.com/health/why-do-we-dream#how-to-remember-your-dreams )