In today’s tech class, we learned about coding and how to incorporate it into the classroom. Learning about coding was new to me, so it was interesting exploring something that is embedded in a lot of things I use on a regular basis!

So what is coding?

Coding is writing out a set of instructions for a computer to understand and perform a task or achievement. Like we use language to communicate, coders use a programming language, known as Python and Java, to give their computer instructions that it will understand. Coders have to be precise when creating a set of instructions to ensure their computer understands and can properly compute what they want.

So how can coding be a useful tool in the classroom?

When incorporated effectively, coding has the opportunity to teach children skills in all areas of the curriculum, not just in computer science. There are many resources for teachers, parents and students to use when looking to use coding for educational purposes. One of the most popular resources is called Scratch. Scratch offers many educational opportunities in a variety of subjects like math and geometry, storytelling and physics! Coding also allows for students to expand their knowledge and become digital creators, a valuable skill in our technologically advancing world. Using coding in the classroom can also create great opportunities for students to learn about technology while, offering creative outlets for students.

Coding is used all-around and when used for educational purposes in the classroom it can make the everyday curriculum fun and engaging for all students!

This video provided a helpful explanation of what coding is!