I am a few days away from recording my video for my midterm assignment! I am a little bit nervous because I do not feel as prepared as I thought I would be. While I have practiced a lot, I fear that my playing of the song will not demonstrate the work I have put in. In that process of learning my chosen song, I neglected to practice playing with vocals in the background until recently. Adding the vocals while I play made me realize that the tempo of the song is much faster than I had anticipated and had been practicing. In learning that my tempo was completely off, I began to get frazzled and felt much less prepared than I thought I was. For the past few days, I have been practicing the changing of chords at the appropriate time to get in the hang of knowing when to switch. I have practiced a few times with adding both the strum and the chord changes. In doing so, I  had some successful run-throughs and some not so great ones. However, these last-minute curveballs are all a part of the learning process and are reminding me that there will be many situations where I will have to adapt quickly. This experience will also help me to make sure I do not make the same mistake again!



Here is the final product!