Alright, I am in the full swing of learning the guitar and my chosen song (Pumped Up Kicks)! Having a break from school for this reading break has been great. It provided me with the chance to recuperate and spend lots of time playing and learning the guitar. I find when school is on, the days go by so fast and there are so many things to pack into a day. So having lots of time to dedicate to learning the first half of my song has been great for my improvement. This week, I recorded a video of myself playing Pumped Up Kicks to get a better grasp of how my playing sounds and visually see parts of the song that may be causing me trouble. This was very useful because I was able to pick up that I had been playing the G-chord wrong and fixing it made the song much better. I was also able to pick up that I was really struggling to switch from chords G to D which is difficult for me because of my little fingers. But, I found a little technique that helps me get that jump for G to D!

I am happy I chose this song because it is one I really enjoy and do not mind hearing it over and over in the span of practicing.  I also think it is the perfect amount of challenging yet, achievable for me to learn by midterm. I have the majority of the song down but, this last week will be catered to me fine-tuning and mastering the song to make sure I am ready for my progress video in a few weeks!