Wow, I am just now realizing how fast this semester has flown by as we are entering the last few weeks of music. There have been some large changes going on with COVID-19 going around. Last week we found out that UVIC has decided to transition from fast-to-face classes to online teaching. While the sudden change is a sad way to end the year, I have been trying to focus on some positives. One of those positives include more time at home and with this, I can dedicate more time to learning and mastering my song on the guitar. I have been working on learning the song in segments like I did with Pumped Up Kicks. Starting with the chord changing, then the strum pattern and eventually putting the two together. I find this helpful because the song seems less daunting to learn than all at once. I have also found from my last experience that I left playing the song to lyrics too late. That was stressful because I realized I was unable to play at the regular tempo of the song. Going forward with Stand by Me, I want to make sure I can play it up to tempo and begin doing this much before I have to submit my final assignment. All in all, I have found that learning this song has been a great confidence boost in my ability to learn the guitar. I also enjoy this song because I could see myself bringing this into the classroom. I think motivation to play Stand by Me in the classroom has given me an extra push towards practice and become confident in playing it. I think this song has a strong message and serves as a good reminder to hold each other up when times get tough, which is very relevant to what is going on in the world today.