Since I found a routine that seems to be helping with my sleep, I have decided to learn more about sleep and what makes a sleep good.  I began by researching what the essentials are for a good night’s sleep and in doing so I found this great article called “What Makes A Good Night’s Sleep?”

In summary, there are maybe things that contribute to a good night’s sleep. But, one of the most important aspects is creating a comfortable sleeping environment for oneself. This can include, room temperature, lighting in the room and mattress, pillow and linen comfort. The article also states that from a research study, 12% of its participates attributed better sleep to having a relaxing bath or shower before bed. This is something I will be trying out with my new sleep routine. There are a few other things that may contribute to whether someone has a good night’s sleep and unfortunately, they might be slightly harder to control. For example, you may have bad allergens, you have a partner that moves a lot in their sleep or who snores, you have children who share the bed with your or even pets that like to climb into bed. I can relate to pets who sleep with you, as my dog likes to sneak into my bed at night. Usually, I am too tired to move him or he is too cute to move… something I will have to work on. I decided to also talk to some friends and family members to see what their recipes are for a good night’s sleep. From this, I gathered some interesting information. Two people said they turn on their diffuser and use an essential oil, dedicated to relaxation and sleep, before bed. Other people said they holding off from drinking or eating anything before they go to bed, especially caffeinated tea and alcohol. My cousin recommended a weighted blanket when going to bed because it helps some people feel secure when dosing off.

This inquiry project has shown me that there is no black and white answer to improving sleep patterns and that there are multiple factors to think about when trying to improve sleep! I am excited to do more research around about sleep and how to improve it.