Lately, I have been struggling with my sleeping whether, it’s falling asleep or lying awake restless for portions of the night, I can’t seem to get a good nights rest. That is why for my free inquiry, I have decided to take my new interest in working out to see if it will help me improve my sleeping pattern. My hope through this inquiry project is to get the added benefit of daily exercise, as well as, finding a natural remedy to my lack of sleep. My plan for this inquiry is to begin by researching exercise and the benefits it has on sleep; this will allow me to get a general understanding of what will be needed of me throughout this journey. Each week, I will explore a different method of exercise while keeping a journal to log my sleeping patterns. Because I am a student, I expect there will be a few days when I am unable to exercise. On those days, I will record how I slept to use as a comparison for the days I do get exercise.


I am looking forward to this inquiry-based project as I believe it will be a positive addition to my well-being and overall life. I hope I can sleep like a baby after this project!