Q: How was Trello’s setup & configuration. Pro’s and Con’s as a tool to organize an individual and group inquiry?

I found the process of setting up Trello slightly on the difficult side as I was absent for the class when it was discussed and taught. With the help of a peer and the instruction document, I was able to set it up and get a general understanding of the site. Setting up the configuration of the account was also difficult because I am a visual learner and learn best when watching someone else do it in front of me. Because I am not familiar with this website or similar websites I think it made it difficult for me to navigate and feel like I have set everything up correctly.

One of the pros of using Trello as an organization tool for individual and group inquiry is that everything will be organized and located in one place, which will be beneficial for both inquiry projects. Also, the checklists you can create will help with staying on task and knowing what needs to be completed. I believe a con to using Trello may be the unfamiliarity with the website and the time it will take to get used to using it and all of its features.